If you’ve dropped your brand new iPhone and heard that worrying crack, your first thought is probably how much is this going to cost and how long are you going to have to wait. The official Apple route is through their official after-sale warranty known as Apple Care which simply replaces your entire iPhone regardless of the extent of damage. Your responsibility is to simply back up all your data and you’ll be on your way – individual issues aren’t fixed, you just get a refurbished device. The Apple Care warranty is optional, however given how fragile the iPhone’s can be to unexpected tumbles and falls, most people opt for it, especially since it gets you two replacements. The cost of Apple Care is a flat $200 regardless of which iPhone model you get, but there of course needs to be an alternative for those that have older generation Apple products and want to extend the lifespan of them without being forced to upgrade.

Common iPhone Repairs Done In The Baltimore Area

  • Cracked Screen Replacement (repairing individual cracks are harder and usually not cost effective)
  • Battery Replacement
  • Speaker / Microphone Distortion Issues
  • Water or Moisture Damage Mitigation

Fast & Affordable Baltimore, MD iPhone Repair Solutions

Luckily for people in this situation, same day third party iPhone repair has become increasingly popular for just those reasons. Users want their device fixed without the headache of backing everything up, travelling out to the nearest crowded Apple Store location and waiting in lines. Despite what others would have you believe you can actually get a quality replacement LCD screen for your iPhone 5, or a new battery installed that works and does in fact solve your problem at an affordable rate. Most of the official parts Apple uses are available online, and not as unique as you would think. A basic lithium-ion battery, home button ribbon cable and LCD/digitizer are all relatively easy to get, the hard part is finding someone with the skill to install them properly without causing further issues. While inexpensive iPhone repair in the Baltimore area may seem like an awesome idea, going too low in price opens you up to having problematic and faulty components installed. Keep in mind that opening up your iPhone voids the official warranty so you are fully responsible for whatever happens. Our best plan of action for fixing a broken iPhone has always been to find the repair shop with the best reviews and most extensive warranty on-line, usually through Yelp or Google and go with them.…

For busy business owners or even Instagram socialites, not having a functioning iPhone can be an absolute death sentence. Whether it fails to charge or you have a cracked front glass on your beloved iPhone 5S after a heavy night out with some friends you’re going to have to find the right repair solution in Kingston or invest in a totally new device. The iPhone has historically not been the friendliest device in terms of being repairable and fixable but as more OEM replacement components have become available options have opened up for consumers.  Not every issue can be fixed, but we’ve detailed some of the most common problems you can run into and how to get them fixed at a reasonable cost.

iPhone 4S Charging Problems

If you can’t get your iPhone to hold a charge, you are certainly not alone especially if you’ve had it for a few years. Older devices are susceptible to lint, dirt and other debris getting into the open charging port and causing problems. Older iPhone 4 and 4S devices especially are problematic as they used the pin type charging apparatus and once enough of those little pins get bent the internal component itself will have to be replaced. Many people might simply upgrade their phone at this point, but local Kingston, Ontario iPhone repair technicians can actually get this issue fixed in a matter of hours depending on how proficient and busy they are.

In cases where this isn’t the repair that fixes your iPhone, the problem is likely with the original battery that came with your phone. Over time and many cycles of charges the original iPhone 5 battery can become low in terms of its lifespan. Apple has not made it the easiest to replace however any local ____ cell phone repair service can definitely do it for you. In most cases this can make sure your iPhone lasts much longer than the rest of your friends. Looking for an inexpensive iPhone 4 ? Try buying an older model and swapping out the battery for an easy boost in productivity.

iPhone 5S Screen Repair

Obviously the issue most people in Kingston will have is the classic cracked front glass. Whether it was your fault, or someone bumped into you, you’re going to need a new screen and fast. Luckily these are very common and if you find an established PC or cell phone repair business in Kingston or Napanee they can likely get the job done in under an hour, while you wait, or some are even offering on-site services if you are in a real rush.…

Repairing your own cell phone or laptop might seem like a daunting task for most individuals in Charlotte NC, but in recent years it has become more and more easy and affordable to do. Small issues like fixing a cracked iPhone screen, or replacing the internal battery are normally not supported by Apple, so users are either scrapping their device for cash, or paying premiums to third party repair shops for basic services that do not take very long or much technical expertise to do. If you’re looking to fix your iPhone yourself, here are some of the easiest issues you can get back up and running yourself with minimal investment and technical experience.

Broken iPhone Glass

You’ve likely dropped your iPhone and either cracked the front glass display or even just lost touch responsiveness. In either case, the screen can actually be replaced with a bit of work, and it will look as good as new – no need to scrap the phone or pay excessive fees. Repair kits complete with all the tutorials and technical details are available online with fast shipping and quality controls. Of course you can find cheaper components for the iPhone 4S and 5S/5C but this may lead to issues down the road. Low end replacement parts break easier and won’t stand up to the daily wear and tear. One small drop and you might find yourself in a sticky situation again looking at a broken display, so our best recommendation is to invest in higher quality parts up front or either get a professional experienced technician to do it.

Charging Port Problems

You’ve been plugging and unplugging your iPhone for years and that can certainly take a toll on the actual charging apparatus which can be pretty frustrating. Instead of wiggling around your charging cable hoping for a bit of juice, or selling your iPhone 5 for a fraction of its value, you can install a new lightning port or 16-pin charging port connector. Luckily, these internal components are not soldered in so you don’t really need any heavy technical expertise and can simply plug in a new charging port and be on your way. Online tutorials are great for understanding the nuances of this repair or you can have a Charlotte, NC iPhone repair business get the job done in under an hour and be on your way.